London Film Production is a company invloved in filmmaking and providing services for the making of feature films, short films, TV serials, TV shows, media coverage, corporate videos and advertisement productions. Services also includes location arrangements and promotion of actors, models, dancers and new talents by providing them a chance to be in our productions and co-productions. We anticipate to provide a complete service from Script to Screen and to the distribution. Our commitment is to provide complete entertainment solutions to the public as well as to production companies. We will be happy to offer the following services:

Complete production services. Either its a Feature film or a film for TV, we have capability to produce a quality film to your satisfaction.

Models, Actors and Dancers available for casting. New Talents and experienced artists of all ages, races and from different background ready to prove their talents.

Camera, Lights and Jip. Full production equipments and support available for filming in London. Please email us for your custome requirements.

Finance Services
Finance can be arranged from private investors or from the lenders for the film production in UK. Co-production and joint venture options are also considered for the right idea and based on the business proposals.

Shooting locations
We have location managers to help overseas and local film production companies including Bollywood, Blockbuster and short films. Location either indoors or outdoors. Bungalows, Flats, Houses, Castles, Offices, Restaurants, Clubs, Hospitals, Warehouses and Studios can be arranged. Advance bookings is mandatory and subject to availability. Assistance in getting Council permissions for filming on streets and at public places. Guidance with legal requirements, i.e., contracts, documentations and filming requirements. Mandatory Public Liability Insurance for filming and Celebrity security.

Celebrity Bookings
Arrangment of Famous Celebrities, Actors and Singers for Shows, special occasions, parties or a functions.

Advise and Filing subsidy through experts. Complete assistance in aquiring points to qualify for susidy for the films shooted in the UK.

Legal Consultation
Consultation and advise through experts regarding the mattters related to film industry, defamation and UK requirements.
Set and Studio Hires

Studio for hire, either for motion picture or stll photography, we can assist

Celebrity security
Arrangements can be made for Personal bodyguards for famous actors/celebrities and security personnal for fans control at the events.

Hotel bookings and Flats arranged for the Units while shooting in UK.
Car and Schauffeur service
Car service and Schauffer service available with latest model cars. Advance bookings are required due to high demand.
Link to catering services for Units while filming.

Computer / Technical support
Computer & multimedia equipments and technicians support service.

Talent promotion
Either shooting for New Album or Talents promotion, we link you to the right place including advertising on a local TV stations. We promote through many different medias and welcome new talents to succeed with us.
Marketing and sponsorships.

Assistance in acquiring local sponsorships and national sponsorships. Marketing within UK through many different ways. Either its a Film, Drama or a product, we will find the right channel to market.
We have a big data base of the best models, actors, dancers, singers, beautiful faces and funny faces available for casting in the films and other projects. London Film Production is a dynamic company strived to quality and support. The company have helped many new actors and models to market their talents through many different ways including referals to bollywood and local TV stations

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  • purva 17th December 2015 at 1:34 pm

    I am an Indian and studying fashion designing here. I want to go in Bollywood eventually. I have a work permit and I am looking forward to build my cv in acting. If there is any kind of opportunity that you could offer please let me know. I am sure casting me will be worth.
    Purva Agarwal


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